Saturday, 16 April 2011

Tongue in Cheek.. cad vs workshop

This is a post from the old forum, stumbled onto it again on FB, thought I would transplant to here :)

1: Old ring (see naked edges causing BlockInstanceDiamond to fall out.)

2: Start by taking Primitive BOX and Extrude to Rectangle

3: Use BEND command

4: Extractisocurve, Pipe, Booleandifference

5: Extractisocurve (change direction) pipe, booleandifference

6: Examine for naked edges or bad geometry

7: Soften and filletedge 0.125 then HIDE

8: Old geometry WireCut

9: Cap ends, examine for bad geometry

10: UNHIDE head section into file

11: BooleanUnion

12: Examine for Naked Edges

13: Explode old geometry, extract BlockInstanceDiamonds

14: Align BlockInstanceDiamonds to new Head

15: CageEdit to secure BlockInstanceDiamonds

16: Examine for naked edges and bad geometry

17: Apply texture and materials

18: Finally Render!

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  1. Fantastic. I imagine there's a few CAD users who've never seen the real thing!