Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Some recent setting jobs.

The Cushion Cut 1.69ct

Flower Cluster, 1.39ct and 
0.70tcw surround

Three Stone Princess set.

Friday, 7 September 2012

1.7ct Hearts and Arrow Platinum make.

Beauty of a stone to make up today.. in a rush, as usual ;)

Video on top, step by step imagery below.

Forge a bezel
fit stone and divide to prongs 
file prongs
file base 
add undersupport and polish 
 time to make the shank 
roll down and taper the beam 
 platinum wants good annealing!
bend anneal bend anneal bend anneal 
 sweat solder (aka fuse)
fusing gets hot! 
ring is hammered up 4 sizes
with a BIG hammer and lots fo noise 
then time to file it 
which is sweaty work..  
best done with a Bastard file, 
then once in range lets fixture 
 grind a hole for the collet to seat in
and polish all parts prior to soldering 
time to set 
 initial tightening
set and polished 
flashy pics :) 

Monday, 3 September 2012

Ring Compressor strikes again!

20 = 2.10ct set with a ring compressor. 

No engravers or beading tools were used in this. Only drills, burrs and a sawframe and of course a ring compressor. I formulated the methodology because I am .. uhh.. lazy?

BE WARNED.. Dont try do what I do unless you have also nbeen blessed by the gods with an unnaturally long streak of good luck.. potential for this method to go seriously FUBAR and break all your diamonds in one go  is HIGH!

Roll down your beam

Make ring about 2/3 of a size too big. Divide it up for the stones

scribe and centre punch stone locations

Mark and drill the pilot holes.

bur your grooves and open up the seats

sawpierce your border and polish it all up

place stones in ring, held in place with bees wax


polish and done!