Saturday, 16 April 2011

Dragon Ring

Was going to do a tut on this pathing but I am having trouble with periodic crashes so decided to do a step by step pictorial instead.

Here are some videos followed by the pictorial.

Pathing the ring PART 1

Pathing the Ring PART2

Cutting the ring PART1

Cutting the ring PART2

Cutting the ring PART3

1: Setup huge wax block

2: Check X old fashioned way ;)

3: Run the roughing paths with a 3.17 EM

4: Cut the hole for Brant's arbor.

5: Start indexing path, this one includes all blockers in place and is low res at 0.05mm stepover.

6: Hide the side panel blocker and go in at 0.02 stepover

7: Cut the indexed taper ball areas at about 50 degrees

REPEAT 5-7 at A180

8: Use paint to check that detail is ok before removing from mill.

9:Rotary phase1 , full cut at low res 0.05mm Blockers back in place.

10: which will be followed by three index's at 290 - 0 - 70.

11: Time to decore that sucker

12: and get some sleep...

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