Saturday, 16 April 2011

Saving Grannies Ring...

I had a nice project to work on here.. saving grannies ring.. this mount is super old. the stone is unrecognizeable cut too. im guessing some windowed rough.

Doing a job which has this much sentiment and very littel actual design characteristics left is always shaky business.. Granny will remember it like the day she first got it, and you need to try live up to that...

wisps of original ring supplied

grab decent picture if possible

bring into Rhino and orient it as best as possible.

adlib the design around what little we do have.

layout for milling.

milled wax.

Cast model.

Some assembly required

and model assembled.

a few before and after shots..

I likely wont see this again, but the setter will mount the stone and apply some millgrain around the mount still. If I get finished imagery I will post it :)

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