Saturday, 16 April 2011

the HUGE ring!

Well guys, Colins client gave the thumbs up for this project, and it is a project... Colins conception and MOI signet, Berts artwork on the scrolls, and I will be pathing and cutting...

I will leave it to Bert and Colin to post their respective imagery as they see fit I will contain myself to only the pathing and cutting :)

Thank you Colin for allowing us to post on this job :)


Rhinocam died in the bum on this job, a simple case of not enough memory to finish it, so fell back on DeskProto for pathing it. A little more cumbersone in the setups but not a major hiccup at all, and the paths generate FAST.. I had forgotten how fast DP generates :)

I picked this strategy:

A roughing with a 3.17EM leaving 0.8mm skin, followed by an entire finishing pass with a 0.127mm tapered pyramid at 50 micron stepover. I followed that with three index cuts from 90, 0 and 270 respectively with the same cutter at 20 micron stepover.

almost 2 million lines of code in total.

In case you cant concieve the actual scale of the job ;)

Fingersize and outter diameter! WOWZA!!

Topdown X and Y size!!

Images Follow.

Setting up in DeskProto

Three layered roughing passes

Full rotary pass

Top down from 0 degrees

index from 90 degrees

Index from 270 degrees

Ok roughing done, now the first finishing pass :)

Had to cut up a energy drink can to get a tube remelt thick enough

off to the trusty lathe for finishing and truing

Hook her onto the conical clamps and setup time

load path

and rough!

roughing done after 3 stepdown levels

finishing pass started :)

Rotary pass done, 2h later

add some oil.. (some people claim this helps, i use it but honestly cant tell any difference when using it)

start the index passes (new cutter.. grr K.O'd the last one with the oild bottle!

90 and 270 degree indexes done, time for the big one, 0 degree index.

finally done!

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