Monday, 26 December 2011

Testing my LiveScribe

Frequently my biggest problem is forgetting what happens in a consultation, the sketches remain, but the context is missing.. this should not be a big issue really, unless you have high volume and 5 clients all want similar things... so I'm turning to a slightly higher tech pen.. the LiveScribe,  it allows me to use a regular pen on paper, and create  a digital drawing (saving extra step of scanning/photographing sketches)  as well as recording the audio which is then tied to the drawing, i tested this at home with my 4 year old as a prospective client ;)

a nice "halfway" between the digital cad world and the analogue pencil sketch.. and easier for clients to use than a tablet as well...

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

RockaBilly Bling Plastic Mould Cutting

Hey all, been a while since I have posted anything, its the silly season for jewellers...

A mate of mine, Colin Creed, had a design he needed machined, but the detail was too fine to hold in wax so we decided to give mould cutting a swing.. something new for me...

Firstly, the artwork and its origins, can be found here,

Rockabilly Bling

This artwork was converted into 2.5D geometry by Colin Creed and supplied to me as a reverse negative for pathing, which was done in Deskproto,

Then off to the mill, the plastic material was harvested from a bread board I bought at a $2 store locally.

the video sequences follow logically and some images of the final mould at the end of the post.

Thanks for your interest

and some closeup imagery still :)

Monday, 14 November 2011

rip her up!!!!












wooooooooooohooooooooooooo the world saved from yet another shit idea...

A few clips in no order..

slow news week ;)

This clip I shot for someone ona facebook forum, to "digitise" a design, and also to illustrate surface modelling in rhino with no plugin help.

and these two are jsut clips of some waxes.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

That Design Process again...

for those who might be interested ;)

This customer baulked at 3 cad drawings in a row.. finally I sat down with her, and with a paper and pencil I nailed that sucker down!

remember.. very often, the old way is the best!

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Tsplines Webinar

Thanks to the boys at Tsplines for having me on their webinar.. loads of fun!

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Rehashing T-Splines..

Been some time since I played with T-Splines then in one week I have had about 4 jobs, and a Webinar!  I will post video of webinar when its available, but here are some Spliney images so long ;)

these pieces to get champaigne diamonds

This was the model I did for the Live webinar. A dual headed snake biting into a black Pearl.

And i was DRESSED for the occasion!

Info Here

and this was just fer kicks!

Monday, 26 September 2011

The Statement ring!

Tired of traffic, tired of midgets and New Zealanders? .
Do you need some special finger vocabulary to add impact to your gestural finger motions from your bike or maybe from your car window? 

Look no further!!!

The latest pieces off my desk, I am making it for myself, for when im on my bike.. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr (insert mental picture of mad growling nuthouse biker)

A simple statement of fact, to be worn together on one finger, or next to each other, and dependant on the situation you may want to leave a "lasting impression" on someone, or your personal STAMP of dissaproval.. we offer a REVERSE version to cater for this need, so the person being brought to a better understanding will be able to read it properly everytime they  look in the mirror.. a meaningfull memory...

or you might even be just be feeling romantic.. who knows, so many great uses for the most meaningfull and diversified phrase in our English language...

I will be adding [YOU] and [ME] rings to the collection for added finger vocabulary, for those special moments ona date, swopping in the [ME] or [YOU] ring will quickly take it to the next level, or end it...

We will produce in gold, silver, brass and stainless

contact me if you interested...

(PS. you do not have to be a biker or nuthouse car driver to wear this, you can also be mentally unstable or even work in the post office.. there are many reasons you could enjoy this piece of statement jewellery...)

Our first set finished up now.. I LIKE IT!!!!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

How to unset 66 stones in 7 minutes.

Using specific gravity, and fluid dynamics to unset 66 stones using science and chemistry alone. No damage to any stones, no hand tools damaged. Photos will say whats needed for the jewellers who know. Be warned, not for the feint of heart. A few degrees will mean the difference between sucess and the garbage can...