Saturday, 18 February 2012

Biker Guardian Bell.

Hey all, been a long time since I did this, actually forgot about it, was a fun project, I made it for myself but have since sold a few :)

A pictorial :)

The Cad of course

Cutting up the huge wax block

Lathing it to size

Transfer from lathe to mill

Start roughing

Start Final outside cutting

Finish outside

Sacrificial wax holder for bell 

Cut to fit bell

Wax welded into place

Interior of bell being cut

by this spiral path

All done, remove bell

And the final piece! ready to hang on ur bike!

Building Earrings.

Once again, video explains it all :)

and the Video :

Complete workflow layout, crossover sweep.

wont say much, videos speak for themselves.

Finishing and Setting.