Thursday, 30 June 2011

Organica, wearable art!

The new design from DJ.. the Organic ring, something just a little different!

A unique expression of fluid organic motion in a beautifully crafted piece of wearable art.

(soon we will add bangles and earrings to this collection, and maybe diamond pieces)

No two of these can ever be exactly the same and the manufacturing requirements mean they cannot be mass produced either
so your ring is your only, forever.

We make these to order in Silver, nine carat and eighteen carat gold, we can also cater for platinum.

Prices range from $390 to $5000

Each order is a new design, done by myself and is unique to you.

The same as the very fabric you are made from is unique to you.

Stop following the sheep.. make your jewellery say more about you and less about what everyone else says you should be.

Contact us at
for more details or prices.

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