Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Milling hollow tube

You have to have that grown....

famous last words..

Milling hollow tube is not easy, or hard actually, just irksome, some manual wax joining and cleaning is required, but the total hand time is still less than the time required to file growlines off ;)

The model, split in half

Bearing in mind that you need some excess wax for the wax weld I draw a little lip near either edge of the split tube

then send it off to Caro for milling.. (a wife that can mill.. is worth a mill???)

I split it all up and align along the support tabs using them for a quick fix hold solution

after which the wax weld begins in earnest...

a little working off of the join and a dip in my magic polishing solution ;)
(no, I wont tell you the exact mix of Shellite to water and the temp required in the ultrasonic ;) )

and they done! lets hope the caster knows what to make of them...

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