Sunday, 12 June 2011

My new toy - Asus EP 121

After having owned the iPad and the iPhone for quite some time, I have come to understand that Apple has great design.. nice features, but no actual real world interoperability with regular stuff working people use.. .. My iPad ended up being used as a glorified game toy by the kids.. Angry Birds mostly.. My iPhone I will admit is one of the nicest devices I have owned, its a real pity its antenna is such a P.O.S.

I managed to trade it for something useful ;) , a tread mill! And then I sold off the mdx-15 and decided to get myself another mobile computing device to replace the iPad, this time I considered more carefully so I didnt get suckered in by good looks, rather than actual usefullness...

The result was the Asus Ep-121.

Some few clips of me using it :)

Me playing with Tsplines

Colin playing with MOI on it:

Me playing with Matrix

lastly ;) me watching Buck Rogers on it whilst on the treadmill.. hehehe

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