Thursday, 9 August 2012

Square Setting

Had some fun with this.. set three just for practice.. then.. as usual.. ran with the idea and engraved it as well ;) (see video at end of post), images follow logically.

Tools Used,

Lindsay Airgraver
90 degree, 30 degree, flat and a beading tool,
1.5mm drill, 2.8mm flame burr, 3.0mm setting burr
3 x 3mm CZ, 1x Bunnings brass lug.

Drill the holes (in retrospect i should have measured this, but I didn't plan to engrave it up as a single piece at this point :) )
Open with Flame and setting burr to seat stone, then precut the bead edges. 
Deburr with stone setting burr and place Gem. 
use 30 degree to cut a bead and press over stone 
 Use a beader to round off the beads
use the 90 degree and flat gravers to cleanup and edge the borders 
repeat X 3 

THEN.. decide you kind like it, even if its not even, so carve it up with walking leaf and milligrain ;)

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