Thursday, 30 August 2012

15ct Tanzanite Make

This was a great job to be involved in, lovely stone too. 

The stone itself is AWESOME!

I opted for a cad result simply because the the sheer volume of metal and angles to access would have been a lemel nightmare. Also using a cad solution allowed me to get s VERY precise fit on that beautiful stone. 

A few consultations had us arrive at a very simple dual band design, after MANY other designs had been drawn up first,

(these were the rejected designs)

so this simple pencil sketch is what landed the job after 4 other CAD drawings featuring crossover sweeps and diamond halos failed to titillate the client :)

A rudimentary Cad representation of the Pen Sketch

And teh stone was modelled PRECISELY, if you know anythign about Tanzanites you will know they are NOT a setters friend, the like to break VERY easily. 

These two images were taken into cad and the dimensions of the physical stone added to extrapolate a perfect stone model

and off to CNC to cut the wax :)

After the mount arrives back on my desk its time for cleanup and preparation and one final fingersize check with the client prior to mounting the stone, the last thing we want is to have to resize this job after setting!

After the client fitted the ring we set about mounting the stone, and start the process by making the while ring ugly again with shellac and other holding polymers.

And finally.. She lives! and awesome beauty!

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  1. Love it :-) May I ask what a stone of this size is appraised at?

    Tigerlily / Sweden