Monday, 13 August 2012

Celtic and Ogham Script Wedders

My wife and I had the pleasure to make a lovely
couples dream rings come to life, in time for their dream wedding!

The couple decided an "OFF THE SHELF" solution was NOT what they wanted so they decided to custom make their own wedders with a design special  and unique to them both, and they managed to come up with something rather special.. A mix of Ogham and Celtic script, describing their love and vows for each other!

Happily we were chosen to bring these rings to life.

The design was somewhat complex and of the clients own making, we were furnished with these images in the brief

The ring layouts, Done by client

The profile and Layout of the Gents Ogham Script band

And rather precise spacing and layout of the script

So the work on it began in earnest.. and I mean in earnest! 
Turnaround time was marginal and required high speed courier services between us in Melbourne and the Clients in Hong Kong!

and of course.. Disaster struck.. MISCAST!

The gents Ogham band was a casting fail and had to be hand made  and hand engraved to make the deadline!

And then we had to remanufacture the ladies band too! No errors or issues, but the clients decided they wanted a thicker band to suite the existing engagement ring.. .. NOTHING like pressure when i job is ALREADY overdue! Soo.... Overnight milling, in the mill room till midnight, next day cast and finish.. JUST IN TIME to ship to client for the wedding!

SO! All is well that ends well!  Ladies skip to bottom for pretty ring and wedding pictures if manufacturing videos bore you ;)

Millicent Running the Celtic Bands Ladies
This was filmed in stop motion and sped up to present to client to show progress :)

(groovy soundtracks :) )
  Millicent Running the Gents Celtic Band Millicent Running the Gents Ogham Script Band

OK ladies, pay attention again! 

The video of the completed bands as presented to the clients before Speed Courier pickup to Hong Kong :)


And after a month the clients sent us some images from the event itself!

To the Happy couple, from Caro and Myself..


(we quote from the emails from the lovely couple)


Hi Caro & Chris,

We are back and had a great wedding and time in Czech Republic...

The 2nd ring Portia absolutely loves - it now fits very nicely / looks great with her engagement ring - thanks again!!!
We are both so very happy with how they turned out :)
Being happy with the rings did make the ceremony more relaxed and much more enjoyable for us both (thanks for your help!)
We hope you enjoy the photos and thanks again so much for the help with the rings.

Cheers and best regards,

Andrew (& Portia)


Hi Chris & Caro

We cannot thank you enough for the rings. Well, we simply could not
have been able to have a perfect wedding without them. The 2nd one of
mine fits perfectly and I proudly show it to my friends. They are
amazed! We know how much extra efforts we had made for us. Will never

With warmest regards

From Chris and Caro... to Andrew And Portia..


What a wonderful experience helping these lovely folk achieve the dream wedding they always wanted!

Kind regards All, 

Chris and Caro

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  1. Dear Chris & Caro,

    I just wanted to say thanks again to you both, for the great work getting our rings completed 100% as we originally wanted (yes, the final design is what we actually wanted from the start verse our brief drawing) and in what was truly a really short time frame (apologies to Chris & Caro for the short time frame too...).

    For readers, I found Chris via seeing photos and videos of some of his beautiful projects e.g. Celtic cross and many of the rings etc. he has done.
    If you have browsed the internet for custom jewelry (and 3D or diamond work), you will know Chris is someone who shares his knowledge and his work - this is also how he works with his customers.

    In addition to what Chris have mentioned...
    I wanted to let people know that really appreciated the help and professionalism showed by Chris and Caro to all the questions we had along the way e.g. ohh Chris, is the width a bit too wide or not etc. etc.
    To which Chris was kind enough to send me photos of his own rings on, so I could judge the size - brilliant and very helpful... (as in a way this must be an annoying question to a jeweler I'm sure - but Chris helped out!).

    My wife and I both felt apart of the process at all steps and excited to see things happening.
    At not one point did we feel not confident that what was being done was less than the best possible.

    Indeed the decision on thickness of Portia's rings was mine and I am forever thankful for the help in getting that rerun for us, in a time frame which was near impossible!

    To anyone who has reviewed Chris's work and is wondering, should I or should I not get him to make this piece of jewelry for me... just make contact with him, knowing your "dream can become a reality" and that it doesn't always have to cost an arm and a leg.

    Honestly, in the end we paid less for the magic that a pro like Chris can achieve (with his decades of design & diamond setting experience), compared to what it costs for most generic ring brands, that push out in bulk standard off the shelf designs to the masses / unlucky punters (and yes, we live in Hong Kong)!

    This is truly the best gut buying decision I have ever made via the internet (haha - thank goodness since the rings, were for our wedding!).

    Thanks again to the brilliant creators who make dreams a reality :)

    Cheers to you both and a million thanks again -
    Andrew (& Portia)