Thursday, 5 May 2011

The design process..

I am often asked how the cad process works. how do I "just draw" a do I know the client will like it?

the answer is simple.. I don't. The process is the same as any jeweller uses, a consultation takes place, some ideas are gathered from the client, a general direction.. then a quick series of hand sketches take place with the client, to cement the direction of the design.. then finally we do cad to verify the design.. the cad component is actually the easiest part of it all, if all the other steps have been done properly..

Starting a CAD job with all the info makes it a breeze.. if you approach this the wrong way around and try to sell the cad first, you will find yourself chasing your own tail and redrawing work countless times. The act of sketching in front of the client makes them part of that process, makes them the "co-designer" and when they see "their" ideas come to life in cad, they embrace it, rather than the opposite, seeing a cold cad image and then trying to apply their needs to it and forcing you into a endless spiral of redrawing. 

Custom CAD is not easy.. you are not selling a fixed item, you are applying mass production systems to bespoke clients...

Embrace the old way!!! Sketch sketch sketch!

(then cad your ass off)

The sketch of the client idea..
The Cad, resulting from the design variations picked by theclient.

The finally the groovy bit.. machining the wax etc...

The raw casting back from the casting house.

and the cleaned up casting, ready for setting.. will update post once its back

And that concludes the entire series from an idea in pencil.. right through to the finished article.

Thank you for taking the time to read through it :)

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