Saturday, 21 May 2011

The Cross

The Cross :)
The brief was to make an ornate cross, 90mm high by 65mm wide with scrolly work in it..
I drew the base with Rhino to get us as far as a weight estimate then filled it in with tsplines for the curly wurly stuff :)

Just dumping in here.. only part done, will sort once its all uploaded :)

Start with a clip of the first bit :)

and some imagery :)
The Raw Tsplines geometry in production
Aclose up of the detail
The Render
Off to DeskProto for pathing
And onto the minitech for milling.. roughing pass.
and the first bit done :)
The Final bit, the knucle that holds it all together
Then time to split off the supports
and assemble!
A quick dusting of ocre for pictures, then split it all back up for casting..

Finally Finished :)

The chain procured and the St Christopher attached

And just as an idea of scale :)


(some months on from this I have recieved a repeat order for a second cross, 20% smaller than the original)

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