Saturday, 20 April 2013

Making music with your Mill.


Before reading further, you can and will seriously break your equipment if you do not know what you are doing. Continuing further requires :

1: Some degree of understanding of Python Code  (really just how to edit out changes)
2: A good degree of understanding soft limits and zeroing on your CNC
3: The ability to load and run code outside of your OEM structure (revo/roland/haas etc)

you will need

1: Download script at
2: Download Python 2.7 at
3: download midi files to play with. avoid files with "beats"

On my Minitech I had to edit out a line, #181, I simply deleted it from the script, and the script requires a few inputs to be changed before you run it. If it seems daunting , its not, think of it as  a really fancy batch file. I have outlined the basics in this video

(those who just wanna hear cool Midi music on a mill skip to next 4 videos.)

GodFather Theme

Star Wars Imperial March T


Mario Brothers

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