Thursday, 7 March 2013

RhinoRing/DeskProto/Minitech script

Hey all, been working on a little project to automate my daily chores.

basically my workflow is to start with CAD, then export the cad to my CAM and then cut on CNC.

The CAD part is always evolving, new designs, new ideas etc.. and the CNC part is pretty much mundane and quick to handle, but the cam part can often be a boring chore.. lots and lots of reptitive input to do the same things over and over.. a ONE BUTTON solution was my answer..

So.. I tried writing the scripts myself.. got close.. but no cigar, so I enlisted the help of Kieth Reffel, of to write them for me. and at this point we are at proof of concept, first part completed from the click of a button.. skip first video if you not into the technical aspects of the setups, watch last two.

The OLD way..
the initial command test
and the first test run, success!
and the proof of the pudding..

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