Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Building a Crossover Sweep in Tsplines

A classic crossover sweep ring explained from a tsplines point of view :)


  1. Easier way to get the loops is pressing the tsplines short cut "L" and to get neighbor edges "K" does wonders. But you have to have the tspline short cuts on.

  2. Thanks man, but the double click thing used to work fine.. I dont get to use Tsplines as much as I woudl like to, my work is not generally "organic" in nature, so I hadnt picked up on which revision in particular the double click stopped responding normally.. I know the L and K shortcuts but I already have bazzillions of shortcuts setup on my tablet+mouse+3dmouse+keyboard, so adding more is not making me a happy camper ;)

    On the converse to that the lack of abilty to have shortcuts in the OSX version of rhino has turned me completely off it.. never happy.. should have been a woman... ;) (hope my wife doesnt see this..)